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Independent School Process

Independent School Process

This basic overview outlines what you can expect from the process of finding the right school for your child. Independent Schools nationwide follow similar calendars, and each has their own unique requirements.

Contact LVEC


After we receive your contact request, LVEC will reach out to explain our process and learn how to help you with your school search. We will discuss various service options, pricing, and how LVEC can best serve your family.

Initial Consultation

Late Spring-Early Fall

In our initial consultation, we will review your child's school history, learning style, teacher comments/reports, and extra curricular activities.  We will also discuss your child's personality and learning style in this conversation. We will ask you to submit any documentation that will help us to better understand your child prior to this appointment.

Create School List


The process of creating a customized list for your child begins in the initial consultation. LVEC will help you identify school traits and services that are important to you and your family. We will work together to identify a defined list of schools that meet those needs. As you explore each of the options, this list may evolve.

Develop Personalized Action Plan


LVEC will create a detailed action plan for your admission process. This checklist includes tours and interview schedules, open house dates, entrance exams, child visits, application deadlines and more. We can tap into our network of specialists who are available to help your child with various parts of the process.

Interview Prep


LVEC offers interview preparation for parent interviews and child interviews for grades 5-12. Our goal in these practice sessions is to help you feel confident discussing your child with various school officials, and to help your child express themselves authentically. We will provide tips to look and feel your best on the day of the interview, and specifically cover how to present well via video conference.

Schedule Standardized Tests


Each school has different requirements. More traditional independent schools require the ISEE or the SSAT for entry, and as students get older, they want to see either the SAT, PSAT or ACT. For younger children, schools may not require a standardized test, but will administer an assessment during a child visit or playdate.

School Tours &
Open Houses


Most schools, preschool through high school, offer fall open houses, and some offer another in the spring for those looking to get a jumpstart on the process. Although it’s not required to attend a school's open house, LVEC encourages you to go. These events are unique opportunities to get a different perspective on how a school operates and the families that make up a school community.

Submit Applications


With your search narrowed, it’s time to submit the school application. LVEC will provide you with the application deadlines for all of the schools on your child’s list, help you complete, and edit the application for grammar and content.

Request Teacher Report Forms


Managing teacher request forms can get overwhelming. Let us help you sort through which forms need to go to which teachers by when so that they are returned on time to complete your application. All schools will require some sort of teacher recommendation form or letter as a part of the process. LVEC will also help you evaluate when to ask for additional recommendations and who may speak best to your child's strengths.

Complete Any 
Outstanding Tasks


LVEC will help you to ensure that all pieces of your child's application are completed by the admission deadline at each school. At this point, we can contact schools on your behalf to ensure they have what they need to review your child's application.

Decision Assistance


Once you have submitted all required items for your child's application, it is time for you to take a deep breath and wait for Admission Notification to be sent. AISNE member school notifications will be sent on March 10, 2021. Non-member schools also typically send these in March.

Waitlist Navigation


If your child receives a Waitlist letter instead of an Acceptance letter, do not fret! LVEC can walk you through steps to increase your child's odds of moving off the waitlist.

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