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The school application process can feel so overwhelming. Lindsey's guidance throughout the process was invaluable. She helped us set up timelines and time management for all the various aspects of the application process. When to book tours and interviews. When to start essays, when to take the test, etc. She also was invaluable in helping our student with essay editing and answering the questions in way where the admissions office would really get to know our child. We will absolutely be using Lindsey again.

SW | Newton, MA

Lindsey’s assistance proved invaluable in our search for independent middle schools. She is knowledgable, thoughtful, and patient, and she helped us make sense of a daunting application process. We so appreciated her services.

VC | Brookline, MA

Lindsey opened the door to the independent school world for us. She took the time to get to know our child and helped us understand the different benefits each school had to offer. Lindsey was patient, kind, professional, and thorough as we explored the options together.

JF | Newton, MA

Lindsey was very helpful during the school admissions process. She is straightforward and honest and was a pleasure to work with.

SC | Chestnut Hill, MA

Lindsey always had time for us throughout the application process and after decisions came out. She took the time to get to know us and our child, which was reflected in the school list we asked for and in her help during the interview and application process. She helped us to be organized and made a stressful process as easy as possible.

LW | Newton, MA

Lindsey provided our family with the most brilliant advise regarding nurseries and schools for our three children when we moved to Boston. She is incredibly welcoming and engaging, and she immediately recognised and understood the needs of our family. Her knowledge and recommendations were so valuable, and ensured we found the perfect schools for our three children. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

AB | London, UK

Lindsey was an invaluable resource to us while we navigated the complex decision making process of elementary school education during the COVID-19 pandemic.  She was patient and thoughtful, listening to our concerns, and offered tailored suggestions based on our family and child’s intellectual, emotional and social factors.  We highly recommend Lindsey and her services for educational consulting.

SC | Newton, MA

If your student is applying to private high school and you are looking for guidance, don't hesitate, Lindsey is your person! She will help you through the whole process, from putting together a list of schools, interview prep and applying. Lindsey is there to answer all of your questions. She won't let you down!

KM | Watertown, MA

Lindsey was wonderful! She helped us navigate the admissions process and guided us towards schools which were a good fit for our children. Lindsey made a stressful time a little easier. 

JW | Newton, MA

With a number of highly regarded private schools in Chicago, figuring out the best place for your 3- or 4-year-old to attend can feel overwhelming. Does he need rigid structure? Freedom to explore his interests? An academic challenge? A whole-child education? Lindsey had her finger on the pulse of all the schools, allowing us to assess the positives and drawbacks of each institution. The tricky part is – those may be different for each family. Lindsey took the time to get to know all of us, allowing her to give gentle guidance on where we, as a family, would flourish. To be honest, my wife and I were at odds on our top choice; but with Lindsey’s help, we were able to examine the pros and cons of each school and ended up exactly where we should be. Looking back, I can’t imagine how different our lives would be had we gone in a different direction. We are forever indebted to Lindsey for her advice. Our children are thriving, and we’ve made some of our best friends through the school’s engaged and fun parent community. Thank you, Lindsey!

EN | Chicago, IL

Lindsey was extremely informed and helpful to us. She is so personable and we felt comfortable right away. 

ED | Wellesley, MA

Lindsey was half consultant and half therapist. [Prior to working with Lindsey], we were initially disappointed in our school acceptances and felt like we "lost" the game. She guided us through the waitlist process AND also helped us come up with a framework to choose between the schools we were accepted to. She reassured us that "everything will be okay." She did an excellent job listening to our specific needs to help us narrow down our search. What started out as a disappointing acceptance day turned into a blessing in disguise. 

HC | Watertown, MA

Lindsey has successfully helped the parents of my three grandchildren find a private school that is providing a strong educational and social foundation. My grandchildren and their parents are all engaged in the learning experience.

MS | Dallas, TX

Lindsey really helped build the confidence of our child. She is so warm and authentic, which allows her to build equity quickly with parents and prospective students. She also has an excellent grasp on the greater Boston private school landscape. We would not hesitate recommending her to other families.

RC | Brookline, MA

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