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Why do I need an Educational Consultant?

Updated: May 25, 2021

In the Boston area, we are lucky to have many wonderful programs and institutions in close proximity. However, it can be overwhelming to narrow this wide pool down to the few schools that are right for your family on your own. An unbiased ally can be an invaluable resource when navigating the sometimes daunting process of school admissions.

An independent educational consultant (IEC) brings their first hand knowledge of educational opportunities to the conversation. This allows you to spend more time focusing on the right schools rather than spin your wheels considering all the options.

Families seek out help from an IEC for almost as many reasons as there are families. Whether a child is just entering preschool, the family has relocated from another area, or a student has outgrown their current school in one way or another, an IEC is a guiding voice toward the right next step.

Below are only a few examples of reasons families have come to me for help with the school application process:

  • Relocated from another town

  • Starting Preschool and want to explore available options

  • Unhappy at current school

  • Not challenged in current environment

  • Needs more support than current school is unable to provide

  • Wants to explore switching from public to independent schools

  • Wants to consider a parochial or religious education

  • Needs a school that goes past elementary or middle school

  • Interested in boarding school options

  • Needs help navigating the wait-list process

  • Decided to apply to independent schools at the last minute

  • Wants more information about extended support of academic tutors, executive functioning coaches, OT/Speech Therapy, and other academic professionals

An IEC gives your family the time and attention you need to create a list of appropriate potential schools based on factors that are important to your family and your student’s personality and learning style. These factors could include school philosophy, size, location, available resources, and cost, among others. After the initial interview phase, a good IEC may be able to recommend schools you had not even known were options.

It is never the wrong time to reach out to an IEC, no matter where you are in the school admission cycle. Most consultants offer flexible packages that can be tailored to your family’s needs. Whether a family needs practice and Interview Preparation, help throughout the full admission cycle, or simply an experienced set of eyes to review parent and student essays, an IEC is available to guide your family so that you can focus on the best fit for your child and feel confident in the process.

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